Lince Camera Cart 100

The Lince Cart is a cart used for the transportation of cameras and other photographic material in film production (it replaces the Magliner cart).

The construction of the Lince Cart is very robust (its trays are capable of supporting more than 100 kg) but at the same time light, thanks to its aluminium structure. It has pneumatic wheels with brakes on the two steering wheels. It folds in a simple way, taking up very little space when packing it in trucks or other vehicles.

Additional equipment:

  • Mitchell Camera Holder
  • Extension tray 50×35 cm.
  • Tripod mount
  • Power strip
  • Cable Mount
  • Spigot 16 mm.

The price includes:

  • 1 Lince Cart 100 cm.


  • Length: 100 cm.
  • Width: 60 cm.
  • Total height: 108 cm.
  • Higth to upper tray: 90 cm.

Price: 875 € + VAT

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