The following terms and conditions of sale shall apply to any access, purchase and shipment made via the website www.lince-crane.com, via e-mail or via social media.

However, the terms and conditions of sale are subject to change. It is for this reason that whenever a user is visiting our online site, he/she shall revisit them.

Any questions regarding the terms and conditions of sale do not hesitate to contact us to info@lince-crane.com .



  1. The first thing the user has to do is to access our web lince-crane.com and select the products of interest. Whenever a product of interest is found, the user adds the product to the cart.
  2. Once the user has selected the wanted products, the user goes to the cart, in which the product selection is shown, and he/she is asked to fill in contact data in order to send a personalized offer (including shipping costs and taxes).
  3. Once the data has been filled in, the client acepts the terms and conditions of sale and clicks in the request information botton.
  4. Lince Crane will answer via email as fast as posible, sending to the potential client a personalized offer (including the product price and estimated shipping costs and taxes where applied).
  5. If the clients accepts the price, Lince Crane sends a contract that is formalised once the client signs it.
  6. Once the client has signed it, he/she will pay by bank transfer before 30 days.
  7. The shipping conditions, cancellations and returns are explained in the following paragraphs.



The prices of the products are the ones shown on the web and on the official price list. The Lince Cart selection and its accessories will show the price online. However, in order to receive the official price list with the prices of the rest of the products, the user will have to fill in a form online requesting the product information, or, alternatively send an e-mail or message via social media requesting product information. The official price list and product info will always be sent via email to the interested subject (with price shown in euros).

However, the product prices are subject to change. It is for this reason that whenever a user is interested in knowing the price, he or she should revisit the prices on the website and request the official price list via the online form, e-mail, social media or phone.

Moreover, the prices shown online and on the official price list do not include shipping costs or taxes (applied when necessary). For this reason, whenever a user requests a product price, if he/she has filled in their personal data, the Lince Crane team will be able to send a final price including the shipping costs and taxes (which are subject to change depending upon the shipping location and company data).



In terms of offers, they can be announced via web, social media, or even be personalized offers for a potential client. The offer price will be maintained as long as the potential client contacts the team referring to the offer within the offer period. Once the offer period has ended, the price be maintained up to 7 days to the person who showed interest within the offer period. Within these 7 days, the offer will have to be formalised through a contract. Once these post-offer 7 days have passed, the price of the product will go back to the original price.



Lince Crane does not assure the continuous availability of all their product selection. The product shown in the web will not always be available. For this reason, to ensure the availability of products it is worth contacting Lince Crane via the online contact form, product information request form, e-mail, social media or phone. In the case of not being available, Lince Crane compromises to offer an estimated date of availability for the subject product.



Once the potential client has been in touch and decides to fulfil the order, the Lince Crane team will send a contract to finalise the order. In this contract, the price of the product/s will be included, along with the shipping costs and taxes (where necessary). Once the client signs this contract, he/she accepts the terms and conditions of sale and compromises to pay via bank transfer within 30 days hábiles. The bank details will also be indicated in the order fulfilment contract.  Once Lince Crane receives the money, the team will proceed to ship the product to the correspondent location in a maximum period of one week. This order fulfilment will only be possible if the product is available.



Lince Crane compromises to inform the potential client of the estimated shipping time once the location of the subject is known, since it will vary greatly depending upon the location. Anyhow, once the product has been sent, the responsibility will lay on the client. Lince Crane will not be responsible of any delay of the product shipment if related to the logistics company. Moreover, if the product is damaged or lost during the shipment, Lince Crane will not be responsible. The responsibility lays on the client once the product has been handed over to the logistics company. It is for this reason, that the client has the option of requesting an additional insurance when fulfilling the order. The price of this additional insurance will be included on the order fulfilment contract. The client will always be advised of the existence of this option prior to the order fulfilment.

Even if Lince Crane will not be responsible of any delays, damage or loss of the products once they have been handed over to the logistics company, the client can contact Lince Crane with any issues or questions regarding the shipment. Lince Crane will maintain contact with the logistics company to make sure they can attend any client quieries.

On the other hand, if Lince Crane is the responsible of the delay on the product shipment, it will compensate the client. Lince Crane has 7 days hábiles to ship the product once the bank transfer has been received. For every week of delay of product shipment, Lince Crane will compensate the client giving back a 10% of the product/s final price (excluding shipping costs and taxes where necessary).



Once the product order has been fulfilled, Lince Crane will not admit cancelations. The client is responsible of making the payment via bank transfer in a period of 30 days hábiles once that document has been signed.

In terms of returns, Lince Crane will not admit any returns once the client has received the product. It will only accept a return if the client receives the product with a fallo de fábrica. In this case, the client will inform Lince Crane in a period of 10 days hábiles after the reception of the product. The product will be returned in its original packaging. The client will be responsable of the shipping costs back to Spain (not Lince Crane), and the return of the money will be done in 14 days hábiles once the product has been received.

Lince Crane will therefore not be responsible of delays, loss or damage once the product has been handed to the logistics company. Lince Crane will only be responsible

Lince Crane no se hace responsable de retrasos, roturas o pérdidas, una vez el producto haya sido entregado a la empresa transportista. For that reason, the client will have the option of getting an insurance a todo riesgo.



Lince Crane stands out by the quality and durability of its products. Lince Crane assures that all the products sent are exempted of any manufacturing failure. However, every product bought at www.lince-crane.com comes with a warranty of 12 months. During this period, if the client observes a manufacturing failure, he/she will contact with Lince Crane via the web contact form, directly via e-mail, on social media or by phone indicating the order number.

Lince Crane will open a case and assess the damage. Thereafter, Lince Crane will decide if the product is to be substituted, repaired or if the case is not a manufacturing failure. In both cases, the client is responsable of paying the shipping costs to Spain, and the shipping costs back to the location.