Lince Crane offers one of the most reliable and versatile sliders on the market for the professionals in the film industry with high standards.

Normally, sliders are limited by the length of their rail. But not with the Lince Slider! You are able to adjust it to your required length due to a rail system which can be extended to your needs. The rail length extension is unlimited.

Made of high-strength aluminium for lightness without losing robustness.

It is extremely stable

Lince-designed quick-recovery polymer wheels and high-quality bearings guarantee precise, smooth and silent camera movement.

It has a friction brake.

Easy & Fast setup time on tripods or others (apple boxes, floor, …)

Ideal for hard-to-reach places such as vehicle interiors.

Lifelong durability

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Kit includes


☑ 1 x Michell base Lince sliding cart

☑ 1 x Handle for displacement,

☑ 1 x 2 metre track

☑ 2 x Track end stops

☑ 2 x Nose 28 mm (1_1/8”) pins, for tripod placement


*The option of replacing the 2 metre track with two 1 metre tracks with corresponding joints exists and the price of the kit does not change*


The platform is a Mitchell base; you can adapt it to ball mounts with the adapters you can find in Slider Accessories,


It can be extended without limits with additional tracks of 2 metres, 1 metre and/or ½ metre that you can find in Slider Accessories. Special lengths on request.


Dimensions sliding cart : Height: 110 mm / Width: 310 mm / Length: 410 mm

Weight sliding cart: 7,65 Kilos






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